Saptashwa Bhattacharyya
Chest X-ray photo by CDC on Unsplash

In the past few years, we have seen a rapid increase in using Deep Learning for medical diagnosis in various forms, specially in the analysis of medical images. Here we will set up a pipeline to classify chest x-ray images of patients with and without pneumonia. The complete dataset is…

Cassava Leaves: Photo by Budi Gustaman on Unsplash

Cassava is widely cultivated as an annual crop and it is one of the major source of carbohydrates and food, specially in Sub-Saharan Africa. But, Cassava crops are quite vulnerable to various diseases, which threaten to destabilize food security in a large region. Here, we would like to use deep…

Build a data pipeline as clean as this river (source: Author)

While training a neural network, it is quite common to use ImageDataGenerator class to generate batches of tensor image data with real-time data augmentation. However, in this post, I will discuss API, using which we can build a faster input data pipeline with reusable pieces. …

QFT Circuit for 3 Bits (Source: Author)

After covering the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm and Grover’s algorithm, today we will focus on Quantum Fourier Transform. The main concept that we would develop here is to use a quantum computer to develop an analog of Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). DFT is important in digital signal processing and allows us to…

Back to Nature (Source: Author)

Wouldn’t it be arrogant enough from my side to assume that you would like what I have liked? Probably! Then I remember one of the quotes from the chapter —

The other side of the globe is but the home of our correspondent.

Book reviews should not always be considered…

Possible Circuit to Verify Grover’s Algorithm? (Source: Author)

After Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm, we will discuss Grover’s algorithm through which it was shown that Quantum Computers (QCs) can be substantially faster for searching databases than classical computers. The task that Grover’s algorithm aims to solve can be expressed as follows: given a classical function f(x):{0,1}ⁿ→{0,1}, where n is the bit-size…

Saptashwa Bhattacharyya

PhD, Astrophysics. Using Deep Learning, Searching Dark Matter!

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